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Making Communities Better, One Person at a Time

At Communities In Cooperation, Inc. our mentoring programs serve at risk youth, ages 7 to 17. We provide Group and Individual sessions 2 hours a week, dynamic motivational presentations, exposure to positive role models, and fun filled, organized activities. The program is modeled on an Evidence Based curriculum (ARISE), which was developed to increase viable protective factors and resilience.

Youth Epitomizing Success Program


Mentor/Coaching Class


Independent Living Skills


Independent Living Skills

The Y.E.S. Program focuses our youth on Job readiness with on the job training and utilizes an evidence based curriculum (ARISE); It is developed to increase viable protective factors and resilience.  We cultivate life skills, independent living skills, and training for DCP&P involved youth, ages 14-21. For more information, contact us here.

For more information about our mentoring services, please contact us here.