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Making Communities Better, One Person at a Time

At Com­mu­ni­ties In Coop­er­a­tion, Inc. our men­tor­ing pro­grams serve at risk youth, ages 7 to 17. We provide Group and Indi­vid­ual ses­sions 2 hours a week, dynamic moti­va­tional pre­sen­ta­tions, expo­sure to pos­i­tive role mod­els, and fun filled, orga­nized activ­i­ties. The pro­gram is mod­eled on an Evi­dence Based cur­ricu­lum (ARISE), which was devel­oped to increase viable pro­tec­tive fac­tors and resilience.

Youth Epitomizing Success Program


Mentor/Coaching Class


Inde­pen­dent Liv­ing Skills


Inde­pen­dent Liv­ing Skills

The Y.E.S. Pro­gram focuses our youth on Job readi­ness with on the job train­ing and uti­lizes an evi­dence based cur­ricu­lum (ARISE); It is devel­oped to increase viable pro­tec­tive fac­tors and resilience.  We cul­ti­vate life skills, inde­pen­dent liv­ing skills, and train­ing for DCP&P involved youth, ages 14–21. For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact us here.

For more infor­ma­tion about our men­tor­ing ser­vices, please con­tact us here.